Thursday, July 08, 2010

What's your opinion of Soldiers who've never deployed?

What's your opinion of Soldiers who've never deployed?

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Coffeypot said...

Not everyone has an opportunity to be deployed. There are bases, and ships that are manned in the USofA and in non-hostile places across the globe. They are considered by some as support personal. But regardless, they volunteered to put on the uniform and to serve, and they deserve my thanks and respect.

Mud Puppy said...

They served same as everyone else. Some just have those MOS's that don't deploy often, or at all. Others are in units that don't do much if anything.

So long as they didn't actively avoid deploying. You are in the unit you're in with the job you have. You go where the military says, when the military says. As long as you did that, you're fine with me.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I know in the Army Guard, there are a few MOS duties that are not needed--- Chem units seem to come to mind as one example.
However, for the job I do, Mess Kit Repair, I know there are many who have not even deployed to easy places like Kosovo, much less Iraq or Afganstan.
I know some of these folks "volunteer" for other duties in the states--like instructors. Somehow they have no real world knowledge of what we really do in a war, but they're teaching.

I showed up a few years ago to help instruct some Guard folks who were fixin' to deploy. I was one of the few instructors who'd actually deployed in our MOS and done anything useful.

Some avoid deployment....some of my buddies and me volunteered for our second one---because we needed each other.

Citizen Soldier said...

I am going with Coffeypot and Mud Puppy. I look at it this way maybe there job is in support of us over there but they are in the USA doing it. I support them as long as they are not weaseling there way out of going. I am in Iraq and proud of any soldier, deployed or not.