Thursday, July 15, 2010

Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP)

I'm sharing another update from one of my buddies from my MCAQ Course -- Team 41. "Navy Guy" is stationed in Iraq and attached to an Army Civil Affairs unit. Like "Tijuana", also from Team 41, "Navy Guy" is a liaison between military, government (both Iraqi and U.S.) and aid agencies and is working to build infrastructure, security and financial solvency to the people in his AO. Here are a few words from my buddy, "Navy Guy".

"Well, I’m about settled into a routine however I still have a lot to learn but it's an office job (Well Some days) so I can't complain too much. I'm working within the Army G9 position CMO (Civil Military Operations) where decisions are made using what's called Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP). In a nut-shell we decide what emergency funding is need to help stabilize the Government here and aid the local economy. CERP provides funds for construction materials for schools, supplies, equipment, hospitals, roadways, bridges, power and lights. Basically, anything that can help aid the legitimacy of their country, and get their Government to take ownership and embrace the responsibility of running it. There is a lot of going back-and-forth between our legal teams (JAG) and being the Liaison between our Military forces, contractors and the Iraqi's themselves. It's very interesting but tedious work. I’m not complaining though, someone surly has it worse than I do!

Here is a photo taken at the Al Ban Markets. This particular day we were verifying that equipment that was purchased with CERP Micro-Grants by local store owners, was actually spent as requested. “Trust, but verify when spending our US Tax Dollars”. The Iraqi store owners are all very grateful for the assistance to provide them the essentials for repairing and reestablishing their stores, for economic sustainment and a prosperous future."

~ Navy Guy

By the way, Team 41 rocks! Just ask us!

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