Monday, November 02, 2009

H.R.4930 - National Guardsmen and Reservists Parity for Patriots Act

To amend title 10, United States Code, to ensure that members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces who have served on active duty or performed active service since September 11, 2001, in support of a contingency operation or in other emergency situations receive credit for such service in determining eligibility for early receipt of non-regular service retired pay, and for other purposes.

This bill appears to be stuck in a subcommitte review. Contact your Congressman and help get the ball rolling on this important bill.



CI-Roller Dude said...

I have sort of mixed thoughts on this. I know of several Army Guard folks who right after 9-11 found some kind of State side job that they knew they'd never get deployed teaching at Ft Hauchca, AZ...or hiding out at the State HQ etc...and never deploying.
Then there are a few of us who've done two or more deployments to nasty places, while those who got the nice safe jobs at home, and keep coming up with ways to never deploy, but still get promoted because they can go to all the promotion schools etc...but never will deploy.
I think the same should be for those in the regular Army, if they didn't deploy to some crappy place, they shouldn't get the same benifits.
I"ve told this to some people in person..and the only response they could come up with?
They changed units...but still will never deploy.
When my Guard unit tried to get me to go on my third deployment, I stood up in front of the entire unit and said: "How about some of you C.S.M.F. going on at least one deployment, then call me for my third."

Sojack said...

I agree with you 100%, CI. This is going to sound selfish, but I'm thinking of myself and all the others who have deployed to combat zones. I'm not too fond of the idea of these stateside jokers getting the same benefits either.