Monday, June 19, 2006

Back in Kuwait in 2006

Patton Road. Yes, that is water. 3rd Army is trying to grow grass!
Well, here I am again... back at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. The events that brought me here are too long and sordid to type so, suffice it to say that I am again serving my country in a far away, arid, place. Unfortuantely I must keep this short as I am using a pre-paid internet account. I promise to get better at this as time progresses.

The wierd, positive, ironic thing is that Camp Arifjan makes Camp McGregor back at Ft. Bliss look like a third world country. I can honestly say that after training in the New Mexico desert, you are properly prepared for the harsh environments of the Middle East.

I now have a few words to say about "bangers." For those of you who don't know what a "banger" is, just remember this. If someone ever offers you one, refuse it... run far away... suddenly become vegetarian... just DON'T EAT IT! Okay... a banger is a funky little, sausage-like thing common to northern european cuisine. They make Vienna Sausages look like prime rib. The texture is somewhere between goose patte, which I rather like, and potted meat, which I do not like. They taste like..., well... they taste like crap. Final comment... avoid them at all cost.

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