Saturday, July 24, 2004

Jihadist's Influence on Operations

The latest in kidnapping incidents has reached out and had an influence on our operations. The impact is indirect for now but the potential exists for our part in the distribution of supplies within the theater to be seriously disrupted. As a result we are in constant communication with the UN, keeping them abreast of a potentially disasterous matter for the U. S. military.

Those taken hostage are not employed by the trucking firm which works for our Group. Further, India, Egypt and Kenya do not have troops in Iraq but a large number of the civilian company's employees are Indian and India has banned its citizens from traveling to Iraq. Other countries could be influenced to do the same or even worse, order the withdrawal of all their citizens in light of the threats and flamboyant actions of fanatics who have choosen to bastardize the Muslim religion.

Beheadings have a much more dramatic effect on the public, more so than other forms of executions. The nature of decapitation is horrific and the jihadists capitalize on the fear the act places in nations. The final result of such acts could be the loss of troops and contract workers in Iraq thus creating the need for EVEN MORE U.S. troops to fill the gap.,6119,2-10-1462_1547114,00.html

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